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These terms are an agreement between you and Duc Viet Corp organization when using online payment transaction services or online sponsoring on Duc Viet Corp website system. The connection with the third party (OnePay) is used to support for online payment method. By clicking “I agree”, these terms will be officially valid.

Copyright authorship

The website system,,  are owned by Duc Viet Corp organization. You can only use these websites in purpose of searching for information, booking rooms and sponsoring. It must not be used for any commercial purposes.

The information taken from this website for reference or research paper must be cited specifically. No use of logos and images is allowed without Duc Viet Corp’s acceptance.

Client information

When using the online payment services you will be asked for providing both personal and account information.

- To the personal information: These information is only used for confirming your sponsorship or payment. Necessary information will be displayed on digital sponsorship form which is used for transaction. Duc Viet Corp will also use these contact information in order to send important notifications to you, especially in case of sudden problems while paying or sponsoring. All of these information is remained private from the third party.

- To the account information: These information will be applied optimal security system provided by world famous payment system such as Visa and Master Card, with a view to ensure that your account details are absolutely safe.

Web connection

Duc Viet Corp websites have a connection to OnePay. This connection is aim at creating conveniences for you while paying or sponsoring online. Duc Viet Corp organization takes no legal responsibility for the information on OnePay website.

Duc Viet Corp is responsible for:

- Securing your information.

- Resolving queries and shortcomings that may happen during using the online payment transaction services.

Duc Viet Corp will take no responsibility for:

- All of the information you have provided

- Data breach if the problem came from your computer because of virus attack or any other causes.

- Your computer system breakdown during transaction process.

- Your data loss because of objective causes: natural disaster, fire, war,…

Client responsibilities

- You will take full responsibility for both personal and credit card information that is relevant and correct. Any shortcomings, fakes, disputes relating to these provided details will lead to cancellation of the payment and sponsorship.

- You are not allowed to use the content of Duc Viet Corp website for commercial purposes without the owner’s permission.

- Your computer is encouraged to be equipped with security software to reduce problems and risks while accessing to Duc Viet Corp website.

General Terms

These terms need to be read carefully before you decide to sponsor, book rooms or order products. Once you click “I agree” button to complete transaction, Duc Viet Corp will not take responsibility for your refund or other additional expenses.

Thank you for your care and support.

VIET NAM ASSOCIATION FOR MOUNTAINOUS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE (VAMEDA) Chi nhánh phía Nam: 176 Võ Thị Sáu, P.3, Q.3, TP. HCM Điện thoại: 0919.454.448 (Ông Trần Đức Nhân) - 0972.451.086 (Ông Nguyễn Thành Trung)


ADVISORY BOARD SUPPORTED IN THE LONG REGION OF LONG AND KHAO DE AREA OF Thai Son Commune, Bao Lam District, Cao Bang Dear Valued Entrepreneurs, Bring your aspiration to be devoted! In each of us, everyone wishes for a happy, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, that wish is still far from uplifting for ethnic people in the uplands in general and in the Lin village, Khe Dè in Thai Son commune, Bao Lam district, Cao Bang in particular have to live in hunger. Poor, lacking, lack of food, lack of electricity, no electricity. Life is based on just a few corn beds, and cassava. Children in this place have to go hungry, early school through winding roads, hard travel, bamboo roofing school, desk is not full, ... And another summer is coming, the children This young child has to start a long series of hardworking days, climb the cornfields, go to the rice fields, pick vegetables to help his parents, disadvantaged how many children in the city have been absent from school, To bring joyful, happy family.